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The Call of the Wild – The Word Count Podcast, Episode 69


Imprisoned or Free, it all depends on your mindset.


Of Human Bondage – The Word Count Podcast, Episode 68

The prompt for the latest episode of R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast asked that we use the month of July and the picture below in our setting. Of note, R.B. Wood took this photo while hiking in Zion National Park, Utah. This is the beginning of the Narrows hike, where previous hikers sometimes leave their walking sticks […]

Of Human Bondage ~ A story by John McCaffrey and Jack Gwaltney for the Word Count Podcast —

The Love of the Last Tycoon – The Word Count Podcast, Episode 67

Fitzgerald would be proud.  Jack Gwaltney and John McCaffrey pay homage to the great writer with a story inspired by his last (unfinished) work.


The Power and the Glory – The Word Count Podcast, Episode 66

Jack Gwaltney and John McCaffrey “channel” Graham Green’s classic novel for this episode of The Wordcount Podcast.



The Man Who Was Thursday – The Word Count Podcast, Episode 65

Inspired by G.K. Chesterson’s great novel, Jack Gwaltney and John McCaffrey confront suburban sprawl in The Word Count Podcast, episode 65




A Bear and Golfer Talk in the Woods


Automatically Hip

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