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A Burnt-Out-Case, The Word Count Podcast, Episode 72

Welcome to the season 8 opener where we welcome five authors to the show.

Host: R. B. Wood    Show notes:

The prompt for this week:


Maria Haskins – “Mabel’s Pack”

Rob Edwards – “Cold Pursuit”

Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey – “A Burnt-Out Case”

W. B. J. Williams – “Johnny Talon and the God of Pestilence”

Eden Baylee – “Frozen Memories”


Dickens and Childhood Poverty

My new essay in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle





Book Review: A Burnt-Out-Case by Graham Greene


Graham Greene, I believe, was a writer who put more of himself – his thoughts and feelings, his inner conflicts, his desires and defeats – than most into his fiction, in such a way that the end work is not only painful to read, such is the vulnerability and reality of the emotions expressed, but impossible not to read. That said, A Burnt-Out-Case, a fast, compact book, feels more confessional than story. But what a story – a renowned architect, Querry, drained dry and numbed by society and success, tries to lose himself in Africa, ending up at a Leperosie where he falls in with an atheist doctor and a group of missionary priests who are working to heal and give dignity to these afflicted souls. To his astonishment, Querry also finds himself “recovering” as he helps to build a new hospital for the lepers. His reawakening, however, comes at a cost, reminding us all that happiness, in any shape or form, is fickle and fleeting and altogether precious.

Is Social Media the New Big Brother?

The Trial – The Word Count Podcast, Episode 71


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The Descent into the Maelstrom, Wordcount Podcast, Episode 70

An Edgar Allan Poe inspired story.



The Call of the Wild – The Word Count Podcast, Episode 69


Imprisoned or Free, it all depends on your mindset.