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Fishing for Meaning


For nearly two years, starting with the breakup of my marriage, I regularly ventured during the fishing season to a secluded beach along an eastern Long Island bay known for holding good-size striped bass in its shallows. There I would walk, spinning rod in hand, casting and casting, often piercing with my lure the ripples and swells made by rolling stripers. 

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Two Syllable Men Interview: Why I love Somerset Maugham and a Rochester style “Garbage Plate.”

Some of you may know John already from my previous review post and reblog. I’m a big fan of his book “Two Syllable Men”. Today I have the pleasure of asking my own questions. Welcome ‘back’ John. Tell us a little about yourself as writer and as person. I’m originally from Rochester, New York, birthplace […]

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“Acting” – New Short Story


Like Sex and the City?  Then check out this story in Work Literary Magazine.


Review: “Two Syllable Men” by John McCaffrey

I recently re-blogged a post from Eden Baylee who interviewed John McCaffrey. I took an instant like to his work, even though I am not a fan of short story collections. “Two Syllable Men&#822…

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Players – John McCaffrey with Jill Dearman

10 Inspiring Stories to Improve Your Outlook on Life

Not all inspiring stories need to be happy, or cheerful.  But they do need to shed light on the human condition in a way that is truthful, even if painful.  I think these ten fill the bill.


10 Inspiring Short Stories That Can Improve Your Outlook On Life

Eden’s Exchange talks to author John McCaffrey (@jamccaffrey)

Eden’s Exchange Talks to John McCaffrey

I’m very excited to introduce you to author, John McCaffrey. We first met on Facebook and subsequently followed each other on Twitter. He’s been a wonderful supporter of my work, and I consider it good fortune to interview him just after he’s released a HOT new book.

His latest offering, Two Syllable Men (Vine Leaves Press) came out April 26th. It’s already hit several top-selling lists.

Learn more about John and why he classifies his writing as “Disturbed Apple Crisp!”

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So great to have you here, John. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Are you a full-time writer or do you have a day job? 

For the past 15 years, I have served as the Development Director for a nonprofit organization in New York City, performing grant-writing, grant-reporting and other fundraising-related activities. For most of this time, I have also taught creative writing classes in…

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